You’ve Earned It

We make it easy for showroom & counter associates to receive rewards on most Gerber products

SPIFF Offering

Gerber gives the rewards you deserve on most of our products



Yes, the rewards website is optimized for mobile devices.

Once claims have been approved, you will receive your Visa card in 7-10 days. A first-time minimum of $25 is required for your card to be activated. Please note: A minimum of $25 is required each time a new card with funds is issued.


The lifetime of the card is 3 years.

This will be provided to you by the vendor once your claims have reached $600 or more.

Simply follow the easy steps detailed below. Once you’re all set, you can begin to make your claims by simply uploading a picture of your invoices.

Please call 1-877-922-4483.

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