Set It and Forget It™ in Style

Good Looks

Tapered tank and subtly flared bowl provides a versatile look to perfectly complement any bathroom design

Fantastic Flush

1,000-gram MaP® score and 50 feet of drain line carry for peace of mind with every flush

Unmatched Reliability

Engineered to provide premium performance for years to come backed by industry-leading warranties

Gerber's Got Your Back

on parts & components

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Sleek Style, Robust Performance

Offering striking design details with confidence-instilling performance, the Viper is the easy-to-install, plumber-preferred toilet. Featuring a beautiful profile that fits any bathroom, Viper's outstanding engineering delivers an effective flush every time.


Put Your Best Flush Forward

What makes Viper the trusty workhorse in Gerber’s lineup?

  1. Best-in-class Fluidmaster® 400A fill valve
  2. High waterline in sculpted tank maximizes head pressure and flush speed through 3" flush valve
  3. Rigid Flapper offers a tight water seal and ensures lasting operation
  4. Large 54-square-inch bowl helps water circulate more effectively to keep it cleaner
  5. Proprietary large, fully glazed trapway
  6. Tall bolt caps eliminate the need to trim bolts during installation
  7. Large, optimized footprint is great for replacements to cover existing grout lines, dirt, and more

The Viper Brochure


Tried & True Since 1932

For nearly a century, Gerber continually refines its technology to provide better faucets, toilets, and sinks that offer beautiful designs with unparalleled performance. Easy to install with lasting functionality, our toilets add value with Set-It-and-Forget-It reliability at a great price. Discover why plumbers and homeowners put their trust in Gerber.