Mechanically Mastered

Artisan Aesthetics, Peak Performance

Gerber's shower solutions can create a one-of-a-kind showcase in any bath setting. Offered in a range of decorative finishes and styles to suit any décor, our quality engineering will ensure reliable performance over the long run. Features will vary by model.

Air-Powered Engineering

Say goodbye to the shower trickle and give showerhead water delivery a boost, even at low pressures, with Gerber’s Air Injection™ technology. Standard on many of Gerber’s showerheads, this feature optimizes the water spray’s intensity for superior drenching and rinsing. Air Injection uses air to amplify the water stream’s surge for a more pleasing overall shower experience.

Supreme Spray Coverage

Designed to optimize water delivery, Gerber’s Pressure Manifold™ technology is integrated into many of its showerheads. This unique interior design channels water to each nozzle for wide coverage and a powerful spray for an incredible shower feel.

Constant Cascade

Spray “yes” to Dual Valve™ technology that is designed to minimize potential water pressure loss as you change spray/stream functions. Standard on many of Gerber’s multi-function showerheads and handshowers, the Dual Valve feature enhances water flow to deliver pure shower enjoyment.