Gerber’s Gettin’ Better With Age

It has been 90 years since Polish immigrant Maxwell Gerber created our brand on a foundation of forming genuine relationships and a steadfast dedication to service and quality.

Today, that spirit lives on as each Gerber team member delivers on our commitment to providing dependability reflected in both our products and customer care.

Our Branding Evolution

As Gerber evolves, our logo does too! Our previous logos each highlight a fascinating piece of Gerber history. Which is your favorite?

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 4

Logo 5

Logo 6

Logo 7

Logo 8

An Open Letter to Our Customers

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Ready, Set... Roadshow!

Last year, we traveled across the Midwest in an effort to get to know our customers and plumber base, hosting events and pulling a trailer loaded with Gerber products and giveaways. We shared drinks together, chatted over tacos, and met the amazing folks in and around the plumbing industry. We can't wait to do the same in 2022!

Love Working With Gerber? Put it in Writing!

We want to highlight your business and how Gerber has been part of your story by featuring you in our quarterly magazine. Follow the link to the form below for consideration!


Industry-Changers Product Poll

Naturally, our products have changed in 90 years, but some stood the test of time or paved the road to innovation. Which of these remarkable products has had the greatest impact?



Trim Kit


Viper Toilet

Gerber Does Good

Gerber plans to give back for our anniversary, and the following is only a small sampling of our plans!

Play ball! Gerber plans to host a charity sports game with our employees. The winning team picks the charity to sponsor!


#GerberGood. Use the previous hashtag on social media and tag us for the chance to donate $90 to a non-profit of your choice!


Buy a toilet, give a toilet! For each toilet bought between XXDATE-DATEXX, Gerber will donate one to communities in need.


Time for a makeover! Gerber will design, donate, and install all the products needed for a bathroom makeover for you or someone you know who has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Cheers to the Hard-Workers

Our employees make everything possible. We make an effort to say 'thank you' every time someone goes the extra mile and every time someone experiences a win, but we know it can't compare to the hours, days, and years that our employees spend with us. We are grateful and privileged to have your skills, your energy, and your voices working hard with us each day.