These Upgrades Make Your Old Bathtub Feel New

Your old bathtub might not look like much, but it still has value. All it needs is a facelift to transform it to look new again. The best part is you can add some style and luxury to your bathtub without buying a whole new one. With a new tub spout, shower trim kit, and other bathroom accessories, you can create a better bath experience. Follow this guide on upgrading your old bathtub.

Adding a New Tub Spout

Your old tub spout may go unnoticed, but adding a new one can really make your bathtub stand out. We carry various tub spout styles and finishes to match your bathtub and bathroom layout.

Feel Luxurious With a Roman Tub Faucet

Could a Roman tub faucet be the missing piece to your bathtub makeover? These faucets add an elegant and regal look to any tub. Check out our list of Roman tub faucets here.

Accessorize with a Roman Tub Personal Spray

What could be better than a Roman tub faucet? A Roman tub personal spray, of course! Pair the two together for a luxurious experience every time you step into the tub.

Consider a Floor Mount Tub Filler

Do you have a free-standing bathtub? Transform the way it looks with a floor-mounted tub filler. We’ve got just the right ones you need. Check them out here.

Tub & Shower Trim Kit

For a perfect matching bathtub, go with a tub and shower trim kit. Gerber tub and shower faucets are compatible with Gerber rough-in valves. Before taking out your old faucets, reach out to our Technical Support team with any questions or concerns about compatibility. We’re happy to help you today.

Match Faucet Finish To Drain Trim

It’s time to bring the whole bathroom together. Select from various drain trims and faucet finishes until you find the perfect match.

Gerber Has All the Upgrades Your Bathtub Needs

Instead of pouring money down the drain by investing in a brand new bathtub—you could simply upgrade it with Gerber products. Once you have the right products, your next quest is finding professional installation. Finding a plumber you trust can be difficult, so we’ve crafted a guide on doing just that. Read all about it here.

Revitalize your bathroom set up with our high-quality plumbing products. Browse our full list of bathroom products today.