August 5, 2022

Turning Liveable to Loveable: Two Cost-Effective Tips to Tackle Your Home Renovation Goals

You bought your house and imagined everything it could be. But then you made the To Do list.

The list…that…just…won’t…end.

Then you saw the costs attached to every little task and your hairline receded just a little bit more. Some gray hairs began to sprout. The projects you used to imagine doing with a smile on your face are now so painful to think about that you have to laugh just so you don’t cry.

But don’t lose sight of your home renovation goals. You can turn your liveable house into a loveable home by focusing on what packs the biggest punch.

What’s Liveable and What’s Loveable?

Liveable is okay, but there’s only so many times you can walk past the pesky wall that’s totally ruining the open-concept vibes you’d imagined. Liveable is where the kitchen faucet drips occasionally but still works, and the toilet might need a quick adjustment from time to time. Liveable works for a while, but it doesn’t compare to the vision of what your house could become.

Loveable is what happens when your vision comes to life; it’s what you dreamed about when you bought the home. It’s the perfect combination of colors and textures and surfaces. It’s your vision come to life and a place you can enjoy for as long as you live there. Loveable is a home where memories can be made.

But loveable takes an investment of time, money, and sweat equity. By taking strides in the right design direction today, you’re able to confidently build toward something even better tomorrow.

Tip 1: Maximize Your Budget by Choosing Quality

It may seem obvious, but too many homeowners ignore the costs that come from renovations. When considering the budget for a new home, be sure to weigh the money that you will also plan to put towards sprucing up the place. When the time comes, before you strike hammer to nail or apply that first coat of paint, be sure you know what you can afford to do today and the costs of those long-term “dream” projects you have in mind.

Rather than skimp to save a penny today, look for quality craftsmanship that saves you a dollar over the next decade, such as faucets with durable metal construction and drip-free valves or toilets designed to clear, clean, and carry away waste with minimal maintenance. Even an old home can be rejuvenated with a little investment in quality, reliability, and performance.

Don’t buy a toilet that is struggling months after you buy it or a faucet that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, add a fixture that brings value to your home while delivering quality, reliability, and performance.

For the kitchen and bathroom fixtures that present a perfect mix of quality and affordability, with DIY’ers in mind, look to our brand-new offerings available online.

Tip 2: Decide if You Should DIY or Pass it to the Pros

“Do It Yourself” stories are everywhere and, as a new homeowner, you have the chance to star in one of your own. But don’t feel like DIYers can’t have a little help along the way. Gerber’s online resource library is full of helpful advice.

Feeling comfortable enough to DIY? Ask yourself:

  • Is the installation easy and uncomplicated?
  • Can this be a tool-free or limited tool project?
  • Do I have the know-how and confidence to do it myself?
  • Is there a family member or friend I can rely on for help or questions?
  • Would me doing this alone drive up costs later?

Not quite ready to wrench up on your own? Get insightful expertise on everything from giving your home an annual maintenance check-up to how to hire the right professional for the right job.

From design to installation to post-renovation support, your first steps when upgrading your home should fill you with excitement, not regret. Avoid over-complicating things and keep it simple; even if that means admitting it’s a step beyond your current comfort zone.