April 22, 2020

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: West End Plumbing, Inc.

PARTNER:  West End Plumbing, Inc.
LOCATION:  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
CONTACT:  Adam Stricker, Owner
FAVORITE PRODUCTS:  Avalanche Toilets

Like many college students, Adam Stricker found himself picking up side jobs to help pay his tuition. For him, those side jobs led him to helping a local plumber in the field. He’s been hooked on the profession ever since.

So hooked in fact that after plumbing stints in various states, including time working out of his garage, Adam took over his uncle’s business in 2005. Uncle Ira Schachter spent 25 years building West End Plumbing into a reputable service business where the customer always came first. Carrying on that family business and service reputation has been a priority for Adam and definitely no small task. However, his Ft. Lauderdale team has continued the legacy growing into a 4,800 square foot facility and 12 service trucks.

“Our business is built around servicing residential repair and replace customers, as well as commercial customers,” says Adam. “Regardless of the nature of the job, Gerber® is one of our top go-to product lines. In fact, a day doesn’t go by that we don’t proudly put in at least one Gerber toilet.”

According to Adam, West End Plumbing technicians particularly love Gerber Avalanche™ toilets. Ease of installation, flushing performance, reliability, great marketing materials and a strong local rep relationship are among the key reasons his team turns to Gerber and the Avalanche.

“I often find myself telling customers – commercial and residential – that we have to get an Avalanche in here,” he says. “We’ve taken other brands of toilets out and put in Gerber and it has solved problems time and time again.”

Adam is such a fan of the line that he recently switched out every toilet in his house to be Gerber. “It’s my favorite toilet brand,” he continues. “As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a better flushing toilet on the market.”