Ushering in a New Era of Lean Luxury

Aiming to create character and soul instead of prestige, Ruby Hotel founder Michael Struck has ushered in a new era of comfortable elegance. Coined lean luxury, the hospitality concept focuses on giving guests a genuine experience that prioritizes people over polish. Lean luxury challenges amenities that increase costs without benefiting the hotel experience, such as large lobby areas and any other features not dramatically meaningful to guests.

But what does lean luxury change about the standard hotel experience? Instead of reception desks, there are tablets and simpler systems for checking in and out. Instead of room service, a comfortable café and bar offers long hours, and vending machines reside on every floor. What does not change is guest experience – the design of each guest room is curated to provide guests with the most comfortable stay possible.

Struck compares the design of his guest rooms to those of a luxury yacht interior, with small but ergonomically designed layouts that use high-quality furniture and finishes to create a comfortable environment. Struck focuses on lavishing attention in areas that really impact guest experience, such as selecting the perfect bed or shower.

Gerber® offers a number of collections that fit the lean luxury concept. The Wicker Park™ collection is one example – the product suite delivers high design and consistent performance for an incredible value. Its breadth of options make it the perfect choice for a hospitality project looking to offer affordable luxury. Visit for additional information about the Wicker Park and other Gerber products.

Millennials are the next big core customers for the hospitality industry, but their loyalty is a moving target.

This is a group 75 million strong, and by 2020, their spending on business flights is projected to increase sharply to nearly 50% of all business travel, while Boomers’ share of business flights will decrease to 16%, according to figures from the Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Consumer and Customer Insights.

To capture and retain their loyalty, the hotel industry will have to learn to speak their language and offer them experiences they value. Consider these strategies:

Employ Technology

This is a group that grew up with technology and wants to use it, so whenever possible use an app, and make sure that any digital strategies you use work flawlessly. Millennials prefer hotels that allow guests to use their smartphones to check in and unlock doors.

Flaunt Your Green Cred

Millennials care about the environment and value social responsibility and how a company treats its employees, so trumpet your values that match their own.

Offer Experiences

Research has shown that Millennials view business travel as a perk, and hotels that provide customers ways to enjoy local attractions stand to win their loyalty.

Get Social

Millennials love to document their experiences on social media, and hotels that create an ambience that these customers value and will share with their network stand a good chance of repeat customers.