TBPM Plumbing

Tampa Bay, FL

Fred Rein

Most of us have used the phrase “timing is everything” at least once in conversation. For Fred Rein, estimator at TBPM Plumbing in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, that phrase rang true in full force during a recent spec proposal.

“We were working with Winter Park Construction on the 297-unit Minneola Hills multi-family project, and they had just asked me for my opinion on the plumbing products,” says Fred. “Literally a couple weeks before that, I had been introduced to the decorative faucet and shower products from Gerber. It became clear to me this would be the solution I would bring to the developer. Timing is everything!”

According to Fred, TBPM was able to provide a more beautiful product mix at the same or lower price than a competitor he was considering. After working closely with the Gerber team, they selected Selene® Stainless Steel kitchen faucets, Amalfi® bathroom faucets and South Shore® shower trim. Each giving the rooms a high-end, yet simply elegant feel. To add even more quality and reliability, TBPM installed Gerber’s Treysta® valve behind the shower wall.

“When I see an opportunity to use Gerber faucets I’ve been able to offer their decorative products (formerly branded Danze),” adds Rein. “Our plumbers have no issues when installing the Gerber line of faucets. The installations are efficient, there’s no extra ordering needed and I feel confident in the life-time value the products bring overall.”

Fred has experience with Gerber toilets and their vitreous china products and he’s happy to have the brass side of the equation now as well.

“I cherish relationships,” says Fred. “It’s reassuring to know I have a true partner in Gerber who I can call on to help me determine a great product mix with toilets, faucets, shower products and other elements I need when trying to win a job. When everything lines up like it does with Gerber…price, quality, style and service…it’s a winning situation for all of us.”

TBPM Plumbing is a second-generation family-owned business servicing the Tampa Bay area for nearly 30 years. The team focuses on multi-family, assisted living and timeshare projects and supporting developers with high-quality products and service.

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