PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Grabill Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Grabill Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Northeastern Ohio

To say the industry and Gerber® Plumbing Fixtures are part of Grabill Plumbing & Heating's DNA would be an understatement. After all, the company is built on four generations of Grabill family influence and it continues to grow and service customers throughout Northeastern Ohio.

According to Grant Grabill, third generation and current vice president, the company started with his grandfather in 1965 as a two-person shop and has now expanded to a team of more than 25 people in the field. Today, Grant, his father, his sister, and his daughter are all actively involved in the business.

"My grandfather was the foundation of this business," says Grant. "When my father got involved, he added Gerber into the product mix and now, for decades, the product line has stayed true to high quality, great service and outstanding value. Most importantly, we admire the company's focus on the plumbing wholesaler and plumber. We've used Gerber's toilets for years (Viper® in particular is a favorite), but we've recently added their faucets and shower systems into our specs as well."

Grant added that in recent years, they've appreciated seeing added focus on higher design products and finishes. In fact, they now have a large Gerber brass display in their showroom to help guide customers in their decisions. His team sells a lot of pot fillers and other kitchen faucets, and they love the Brushed Bronze and Satin Black finishes offered across many styles in the kitchen and bathroom fittings.

"We also include the Treysta valve behind the shower wall in our bathroom specs whenever possible," says Grant. "Because we pre-fab everything in house, having the vertical inlets (which can be installed from bottom-up or top-down depending on the needs of the job) in place before we go to a job site saves us a ton of time and money. And, with the valves flexibility to pair with most any Gerber shower trim, it helps us manage inventory and reassures us the quality is consistent throughout our installations."

Grabill has partnered with Gerber on several notable projects in the last several years, including the few recent Epcon developments in the Columbus area - an 80-unit condo property, a 150-unit multi-family property, and a 55+ community. Gerber china and brass products are throughout each. In addition to the larger projects, Grant's team has included the Gerber line in their residential new construction jobs where high design is even more critical.

"We're grateful for our four generations of success," adds Grant. "And with partners like Gerber by our side, we'll look forward to decades more to come!"

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