6 Tips to Maximize a Small Kitchen

More than ever, people are spending extra time in their homes. And decades of research have shown the kitchen remains the focal point and gathering place for most family members and our guests.

So, what do you do if your kitchen is a bit more modest in size? Here are six tips on how you can make the most of that small kitchen:

Maximize Storage 
It seems storage is a discussion point in most any home layout, but it’s particularly a challenge in small kitchens. Consider floating shelves under your cabinets (great for spices or cups) or a rail on your backsplash for kitchen tools, mugs or seasonings. Even a pot rack helps saves space and can arguably add décor to a kitchen wall. Homeowners tend to forget about the vertical space that’s available and definitely comes in handy when every inch counts.

Consider Color Carefully 
Color 101 teaches us to be thoughtful about the use of color. White cabinets, for example, brighten the space and make it appear larger than it might be. In fact, marrying a dark color (gray or blue) on a back wall surrounded by white cabinets actually makes that wall visually recede, giving the room more depth and perceived space.

Scale When Needed 
For galley kitchens or areas with limited counter and sink space, consider an appropriately scaled kitchen faucet…but don’t sacrifice style or functionality.

Gerber’s Vaughn® Prep Faucet for example is scaled to fit these smaller spaces (approximately 15% smaller than its full-scale faucet counterpart), but keeps the high function of a pull-down spout and 360-degree swivel.

If you’re one who takes those color choices seriously, add in a Satin Black finish to complement the dark paint colors with white cabinets and the décor of the room might make the pages of a magazine!


Open Up Passthrough Areas 
Creating unrestricted lines of sight and open spaces in a kitchen gives the perception of more room. If you have a pass–through area, open it up even more.

For example, replace large blocky cabinetry with more narrow ceiling mounted cabinets or side towers. Cabinets with two-sided glass doors allow more light through, making the space feel even larger.

If you can live without the closed cabinetry option above the passthrough, consider removing them all together to create extra counter and seating areas.


Light it Up 
Lighting in any room is important, whether it’s task lighting or overall ambiance. In a small kitchen, be sure mix up your lighting choices to give the allure of more space. For example, under counter lighting can brighten up dark, hidden areas. Grouping simply designed pendant lighting above the island will add a touch of décor, but more importantly will open up the feel of the room by being well lit. And, of course, recessed spot lighting in the ceiling can be sprinkled around the room to add even more brightness while keeping the vertical spaces clean of heavy fixtures.

Accessorize with Intention 
If you’re working in a small space, clutter can be your nemesis. That clutter may come from decorative items, soap or lotion bottles and even electronics.

So, when you’re outfitting your kitchen, accessorize smartly. Use decorative items sparingly (especially on the counters) and choose ones that add a pop of color and height. Around the sink area, consider a built-in soap or  
lotion dispenser that complements your faucet style and finish.

Not only will it eliminate an extra bottle or two on the counter, it will give the space a professional touch of detail. 


By following some of these simple tips you can be even more proud of your small kitchen. After all, it’s not always about how much space you have, but rather what you do with it. 

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