August 23, 2020

5 Ways to Shake it Up in the Shower

Let’s be honest, today’s shower is about much more than just getting clean. Modern American showers are now all about the experience. Your shower is an oasis of relaxation at the end of a stress-filled day or a way to kick off your day on the right foot. If this isn’t the effect you get from your current shower, it could be. Ditch last decade’s showerhead and indulge in a little customization.

Relaxation From Every Angle

Your parents probably had to settle for an ordinary angled spray from above, but you don’t. Wall-mounted body spraysallow you to enjoy a full-body spray. You can customize the number and location of these sprays, alter the settings (spray and massage) and adjust the angles. Definitely not your mother’s shower!

It’s Hip to Be Square ...

... or round, oval or rectangular! A range of sizes and shapes mean you never have to settle for a homogenous, ordinary look in your shower. A variety of styles in rainfall showerheads means you can have that luxurious feeling with the look you desire.

The Valves Have It

In decades past, showers had one knob for hot water, another for cold and it took a lot of monkeying around to find just the right balance to create a comfortable temperature. Modern shower valves make it easy to get just the right experience, by controlling water flow and temperature easily with a single handle. Diverter valves run multiple shower components so you can control your hand shower, rainfall showerhead and body sprays through a single lever.

Not Just a Shower – An Entire System

Gone are the days of a single source of water. Modern shower systems incorporate multiple water sources — like a rainfall paired with a handheld showerhead, or body sprays and high-tech control valves to create a personalized shower experience.