Is a Pot Filler Worth Installing in Your Kitchen?

Practically every kitchen has a faucet used for washing dishes, filling pots and cups with water, and more. But not every kitchen has a pot filler, which is a wall-mounted faucet typically installed above the stove. This adds convenience when you need to start boiling water for pasta or anytime you need to fill a container with water.

But there are plenty of questions to consider before installing a pot filler in your kitchen. Will your wall-mounted faucet clash with the style of your kitchen? Will it take up too much space behind a range? Where can it be installed—under a microwave? Read on to find the answers to these questions and ultimately determine if a pot filler is right for your kitchen.

Are Pot Fillers a Fad?

Are pot fillers a passing fad, or are they a practical piece to any kitchen? Over the past few years, more and more homes have incorporated a pot filler into their kitchen space for added convenience.

Pot fillers were considered a high-end home essential, but today they’re for anyone with the space and need for it. So if you’re thinking about adding a pot filler to your home, consider how you would use it—not whether it’s trendy.

What Is the Purpose of a Pot Filler?

As its name suggests, a pot filler is mainly used for filling pots on your stove with water. This cuts any need for transporting a pot full of water from your sink to the stovetop. But there are plenty of other ways you can use a pot filler, such as filling:

  • Vases
  • Water bottles
  • Humidifier tanks
  • Fish tanks
  • Tea kettles
  • Pet water bowls
  • And so much more

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Pot Filler?

Let’s talk numbers. When it comes to determining the cost of your pot filler, there are two things to consider—installation and the product itself. If you’re familiar with plumbing and kitchen remodeling, you can save some money on labor costs. However, most people opt for a professional's help, especially since most homes without a pot filler already in place will need plumbing to be added above the stovetop.

Does a Pot Filler Need To Match the Faucet?

With costs and uses considered, now you need to decide if you want your pot filler faucet to match your kitchen faucet or other kitchen appliances. While you don’t need it to match, doing so might add to the overall design of your kitchen. If you want your pot filler to stand out as a feature, get the pot filler you love based on its style elements regardless of if it matches the rest of your kitchen.

Gerber offers pot fillers that are parts of full kitchen collections with matching faucets, but that also complement Gerber’s whole assortment of faucets. See the full details on these pot fillers:

Can You Put a Pot Filler Over a Stove?

Yes, you can put a pot filler over a stove. It’s convenient for most people to have it over their stove, where they can access water for their pots without needing to use the kitchen faucet. You will need to think about what height the pot filler will be. Too high up, and it loses some convenience, especially for those who have difficulty reaching high places in the kitchen. But setting your pot filler height too low can interfere with what you place under it.

Add Convenience to Your Kitchen With a Gerber Pot Filler

Is it time to add a pot filler to your kitchen? We offer high-quality products for your kitchen. Your first step should be to check out our pot fillers here.