How to Future Proof Your Home Renovations

NickdaPlumber Shares his Best Tips 

NickdaPlumber is a plumber who shares the ins and outs of his occupation with over 30k followers on Instagram. While his channel generally focuses on pro tips, he took the time to explain what homeowners should consider to future proof their home. 

Focus on Function over Form 

Buying from a no-name brand on Amazon might seem like a great deal, but often these products end up costing more later in either labor, damage, or constant replacements. Instead, save some time and invest your money in products that have strong warranties, good reviews, and are from pro-recommended companies.  

In addition to a focus on quality, try to find products that adhere to conservation efforts, specifically, appliances marked as Energy Star and toilets and faucets marked as WaterSense certified. Not only will this help save on your water and electric bills, but many younger potential homeowners specifically target sustainable homes.

Bring Your Plumbing and Wiring Up to Date 

Plumbing and wiring are both things that have the potential to cause major issues to your house. That said, if you are already planning to renovate or looking for a way to make your home last, look at updating these. 

If you have an older home, make sure your plumbing system is not hosting any lead pipes. Know that galvanized pipes are prone to internal corrosion and consider insulating your pipes if you live in a cold area. 

If you want to update your electrical system, include an extra conduit or buried trunking to support future upgrades, and plan for smart devices, including tablets, thermostats, home security, and TVs throughout your home.

Expand Your Space 

Without building an addition onto your home, the best way you can add space is by using or redoing areas of your home that have not been previously used.  

For example, if you have an unfinished basement or attic, these spaces are ideal to add some extra square footage into your home. 

Consider adding a separate entrance onto these spaces so they can be more easily rented out or be ideal for a parent/grandparent to move in.   

Upgrade Your Technology 

Adding tech features many homeowners now expect can be a benefit when selling or for your own benefit. Everything from security systems, video doorbells, smart thermostats, smart garage door openers, keypad doors, and automated lights can turn your home into a modern marvel.  

Even if the tech advances and needs to be updated, having the wiring in place often saves time in the future. 

Often, these features are focused on giving the homeowner peace of mind and awareness, that comes from knowing that you can check on your house or pets, even if you aren’t home. Many also offer benefits of electric and cost-saving.

What to Take Away 

Of course, no one can fully predict what homeowners will expect in the upcoming years. Trends change and family needs shift. However, focusing on building value by investing in quality and ease of mind never goes out of style.