Cottage Kitchen Style with The Latina Next Door

Yami Platero, the creative force behind The Latina Next Door YouTube channel, has attracted over 216,000 subscribers by sharing her journey of DIY projects and transforming her home into a dream space. Currently, Yami is embarking on an exciting new venture: crafting a cottage-style tiny home destined to become her YouTube studio.

A long-time advocate for Gerber products, Yami has consistently chosen them for their exceptional quality and durability, particularly in comparison to other leading brands. "They are durable, high-quality, and their finishes last," she asserts.

The project's recent phase involved selecting and installing the sink, cabinets, countertops, and appliances, followed by sealing and staining. Yami opted for butcher block countertops to achieve a classic, warm aesthetic. 

For the kitchen faucet, she chose the Kinzie® Bridge Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Bronze, which marries an industrial, modern design with a warm tone that elevates the entire look. 

To install matching cabinet handles, Yami's husband and assistant, Nelson, ingeniously used blue painter's tape to create a template and precisely mark the drill spots. 

Despite the family of six temporarily residing in the cottage while their farmhouse is under construction, they decided against upper cabinets to maintain a simple, clean cottage design, preferring sturdy open shelving instead. 

Mapping out the shelving placement to ensure they were anchored directly into the studs was crucial for their strength. Yami and Nelson utilized saved drawings of the cottage's framework to accurately determine where the shelves should go. 

Following the installation, the shiplap-style wood walls were painted a vibrant, cheerful white, enhancing the finished look and concealing the cracks between panels. 

Once the shelves were up, Yami added wooden pegs underneath for additional storage and began organizing items on the shelves. She used labeled glass jars for dried goods and other foods, making the shelves both functional and beautiful. 

Final touches included hanging soft lace curtains, organizing spices into matching labeled jars, and placing a floor rug to bring the space together. 

Though the cottage transformation is an ongoing process, Yami is committed to documenting her progress and sharing the intricate details of her design and the work involved. For an in-depth look at Yami's cottage kitchen transformation, click here to watch her video.